Crisis Prevention Institute Training Program

Jennifer Phillips, CPI Training Coordinator  

Contact Information: (331) 228-5908               


What is Non-violent Crisis Intervention?  

Provides staff with the philosophy of maintaining care, welfare, safety, security and problem solving framework to approach and reduce crisis situations. 

Non-violent crisis intervention focuses on early identification, relationship and interaction between a staff members attitude/approach and student's behavior, attitude and response.

Why take Non-violent Crisis Intervention? 

     -  Increase skills to assess and react in situations of crisis 

     -  To prepare a plan and have it in place 

     -  Personal safety for students and staff

If I take non-violent crisis intervention do I have to restrain?   

No.  The use of physical management is always a last resort when all other options have been exhausted and the individual is a danger to self or others.  Remember, there are always risk associated with physical intervention for students and staff; Psychological and Physiological.
  • Course Basics 
  • Initial Certification: 
  • Minimum 12 hours of training spread over 2 days
  • Checks on aptitude of physical techniques    
  • Written exam of course concepts


  •  Annually    
  •  Three hour session  
  •  Check on aptitude of physical techniques  
  •  Written exam

When attending a class please wear comfortable clothing, close toed shoes and remove any jewelry.  Once certified, Mid-Valley will maintain records and notify individuals of renewal dates. 

Costs:  Initial Course is $20.00  Refresher is $15.00 per participant.  These are billable to the participant's district and cover material costs.     

To Enroll:  

1)  Identify training date that fits your needs.  If there is a large group in need of training, on-site may be available. Contact

2) A registration form should be completed and signed off on by a district administrator. Fax (630) 377- 4843 or e-mail the form to Natalie Assell.

3) Receipt, registration and enrollment will be confirmed via e-mail.

4) Billing will take place semi-annually directly to the district.