Emergency Closings

Emergency Closings

Inclement Weather and School Closing Information


If schools are closed, please follow the instructions from the district where your child's program is located.  Students at Mades-JohnstoneCenter follow the District 303 calendar and closings.


If it is decided that schools will remain open and you believe that you wish to keep your child at home, you may do so.  If the school district is open where your child attends, please check to see if your transportation department of your home district is transporting students.  If they are not, you may transport your child if you wish in your own vehicle.


All working parents are urged to have childcare arrangements in place for emergency school closings. If school is closed in the middle of the day, every attempt will be made to notify the parent. For this reason, it is important that the child’s school have the current home and work phone numbers. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the people who are listed on the emergency information file for the student. Parents should discuss this situation with their children so that the children are aware of the arrangements in case of an early dismissal situation.


Sometimes districts choose a “late start” option rather than closing schools.  A school district typically would use a late start if a 2-hour delay could allow roads to be cleared or allow time for warmer weather to occur, in the case of bitter cold. With a late start decision, each school would be delayed but end at the regularly-scheduled dismissal time. 


The school calendar has 173 student instruction days required by law.  If schools are closed for an emergency day during the year, extra days are typically added to the end of the school calendar.  Specific information will be available from your child's teacher and school.