Twelve Plus Transition Program

Coordinator: Linda Koch, (331) 228-6007                                      

Teacher: Ms. Amy Gately, (630) 849-7865                                      
Teacher: Ms. Meg Bingham, (331) 452-6696                                  
Social Worker: Ms. Nicole Allen, (331) 228-5810(voice mail)           
The goal of the 12+ Transition Program is to prepare students for the transition 
form high school to adult living. Typical students served by this program are
between the ages of 18 and 21, have completed high school with a diploma and
their IEP reflects a need for further support through public education. This may
include acclimating student to a college campus, facilitating support through the
college disability service office, providing vocational services and/or social/emotional
supports. Certified staff members provide support through scheduled meetings
with the student or groups of students