Students Attaining Independent Living (S.A.I.L.)

S.A.I.L. (Students Attaining Independent Living)

Coordinator: Mr. Tim Stoudt, 331-228-6034
Shelby Transition Center
210 South 5th Street, Ste. 100
St. Charles, IL 60174
Teacher: Ms. Jill Wilder, 630-845-4357

Elgin Community College
1700 Spartan Dr., Elgin, IL 60123
Teacher: Ms. Judy Donner, 630-849-7863
Teacher: Ms Terri Edwards, 630-450-4361


Waubonsee Community College
Rte. 47 at Waubonsee Dr., Sugar Grove, IL 60554
Teacher: Ms. Anne Waters, 630-200-4070
Teacher: Ms. Gina Banks, 630-849-7868


Vocational Facilitator: Ms. Kimberley Payne, (630)849-3323                
Vocational Facilitator: Ms. Nicole Claeson, (630) 450-5998                    
Vocational Facilitator: Ms. Karen Belich, (331) 431-2145             
Social Worker: Ms. Reesa Kizior (630) 945-4150                                     


The S.A.I.L. transition program is a community-based, life-skills program for students ages 18-22. The goal of the program is to prepare students for the transition from public education to adult living at age 22. The program uses supported real-life experiences to facilitate the development of independent adult skills. As appropriate, students practice their independent skills in community settings. Program components include daily living skills, personal social and social language skills, vocational training, money management, consumer foods, communication skills, community and career exploration, recreation and leisure, and volunteerism.