Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative Newsletter -February, 2017

Notes from the Executive Director
Such a strange winter! All the predictions indicated that it was going to be a cold and snowy one. I was thinking that there would probably be a lot of snow days for us. We’ll see what February and March bring, but there has been no measurable snow in this area since December 17! I like snow (must be the Swede in me), and I feel sorry for the kids who aren’t able to play in it. Over at MJC, the kids sled on the little hill behind the playground. The sleds are just sitting there in the hall!

Upcoming Events

03/03/2017 Institute Day
04/21/2017  Psychologist/ Social Work Professional Development Network 
04/28/2017  Speech and Language Network Meeting
04/30/2017  Special Olympics Regionals