From the Executive Director

Every year, the St. Charles Noon Kiwanis Club provides grant funds for "something special" for the students in the cooperative.  This year, it is funding Beemz, and electronic music system for students with physical disabilities and students with autism.  

Parent Corner

Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative Newsletter -April, 2017

Notes from the Executive Director
I am excited that Dr. Marianne Fidishin, the New Executive Director, will be joining me for 5 days this spring to visit our programs and learn more about what we do.
She will be visiting:
  • ESL and ABLE on April 25;
  • SAIL and 12+ on May 2;
  • New Directions, CLASS and Safe Schools on May 12;
  • New Pathways and ECHI on May 16; and
  • The Mental Health Partnership on May 19.

Upcoming Events

04/12/2017  Autism Cohort Meeting
04/21/2017  Psychologist/ Social Work Professional Development Network 
04/28/2017  Speech & Language Network Meeting
05/07/2017  Special Olympics Regionals
05/11/2017  Young Athletes Day