The administrative team oversees the provision of special education services provides instructional support, professional development and supervision to the teachers, service providers and paraeducators of MVSEC

Administrative functions of the cooperative

  • Executive Advisory Board duties
  • Fiscal agent duties
  • Hiring and evaluation of staff
  • Program evaluation and improvement
  • Creation and follow-through with required policies and procedures
  • Human resources
  • Fiscal Responsibilities

In addition, the cooperative represents the districts on various committees and organizations throughout the state and provides leadership, support, assistance and guidance for the submission of state and federal reimbursement claims and grants and other state and federal requirements.

Behavioral/Instructional Coaching

The Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative (MVSEC) Provides behavioral and instructional collaboration and consultation to MVSEC programs and member district staff when requested. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide coaching support to assist the team in developing and implementing and comprehensive function-based support plan to maintain the student's current educational placement.

This collaboration is a long-term process that requires several team meetings, on-site coaching, multiple classroom observations, and plan evaluation. In addition, the Behavioral/Instructional Cashes provide professional development, as needed.

Professional Development

Annually, in collaboration with the member districts, MVSEC conducts a survey of staff and parents regarding the services and necessary professional development. Then, Mid-Valley arranges for and provides professional development for MVSEC and member district staff on a wide variety of topics.

These topics may include strategies for improving behavior, effective methods for student with autism, successful IEP writing, the use of assistive technology, etc. These topics are revisited each year and are refined for program improvement.

Administrative Staff

LP Lisa Palese

Executive Director

TS Tanner Seal

Principal: New Directions and Safe Schools

MA Mike Ackerman

Assistant Director

MM Melissa Mills

Assistant Director

TM Tressa Matuszewski

Assistant Director

BP Brandi Pedersen

Executive Assistant to Human Resources

AV Alexandra Van Oeteren

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

LS Lisa Sestak

Executive Assistant to Business

JM Jana Moynihan

Executive Assistant to the Director of Student Services

MM Matt McDonald

Director of Human Resources/CSBO

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303