SEA Locations

The Students Entering Adulthood (SEA) Transition Program is a community-based program, depending on each student’s needs and where the student lives in regards to their community college home district. Staff meet students at public facilities, which may include Waubonsee Community College, Elgin Community College, Public Libraries, Baker Memorial and Fox Valley Christian Church. 

SEA Transition Program

Students Entering Adulthood (Formerly 12+ Program)

Our Goal: The goal of the SEA Transition Program is to prepare students for the transition from high school to adult living. Typical students served by this program are between the ages of 18 and 22, have completed high school with a diploma and their IEP reflects a need for further support through public education. This may include acclimating students to a college campus, facilitating support through the college disability service office, providing vocational services and/or social/emotional support. Certified staff members provide support through scheduled meetings with the student or groups of students. 

Individualized Schedules: Student schedules are individualized to meet their specific needs. SEA students set appointments with staff at mutually agreed upon locations for case management, social work and/ or vocational services. A typical week for a student might include going to college classes, 1-2 days of work training, scheduled meetings with staff and /or attending groups. We are thankful to our partners at Fox Valley Christian Church in Batavia & Baker Memorial Church in St. Charles who provide us with wonderful spaces throughout the week for students to meet with their Case Manager, Vocational Specialist and Social Worker. In addition, students are actively involved in community projects and job experiences throughout the Fox Valley area. 

SEA Components

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